I had the chance to collaborate with the Peeta Planet show. The travel TV show is followed by 50 millions viewers in the Middle East.


Rome was the capital of an empire that rose to its height almost a thousand years ago. During this period, Romans developed a city known as “Caput Mundi”, or “capital of the world”, a place where trade, governance, and culture were centralized.

They cultivated a strong, expressive culture, centred around art, architecture, and food – all of which we have come to associate with the Romantic City.

Throughout its history, Rome has been faced with bouts of economic hardship and political instability and its people have had to rebuild their city again and again.
Today, Italy is experiencing one of its longest recession since World War II, with youth unemployment rates standing at over 40 per cent across the country. Yet despite this turmoil, young leaders are emerging, actively working to rebuild their beloved city.

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