I had the chance to collaborate with the Peeta Planet show. The award-winning hit travel series on Dubai One TV. Currently, broadcasting to 50 million households across the Middle East.

It’s not hard to understand why Cariocas refer to their city, as “Cidaje Maravilhosa” – the wonderful city. The culture, the sounds, the sights, the love of football, AND the connection to the beaches – their love of life is palpable.

To some Rio is considered a third-world city with a first-world economy… a place of separation of the wealthy as is seen in the ‘asfalto’ (or formal city) and the poor as is seen in the ‘morro’ (or hillside favelas). These days, all eyes are on Brazil- especially on Rio- and went in search of Cariocas whoa re actively engaged in integrating the “Cidade Partida” (or divided city) by breaking down distinctions and creating united places, spaces and people.

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Executives Producers
Mohamed Parham Al Awadhi
Peyman Parham Al Awadhi

Mark Waters

Post production
Kevin Flores